The IAEA Information and Computer Security Unit within NSNS would like to invite all Member States to participate in the third NucSecCyber Webinar Series #3 on the Applications of IAEA Information and Computer Security Guidance with real world experience from Member States and Subject Matter Experts. The webinar series will cover all aspects of computer security from national level strategies, regulations, and computer security programmes; to threats, supply chain, mitigation techniques and operations’; to exercises and assessments for assurance activities; and response and recoveries techniques if all computer security defense fail.

Over the last several decades there has been a migration to more digital devices, systems, communication, and advanced technologies for nuclear materials, facilities and critical assets including digital integration to enhance operational capabilities for more effective and efficient operations. With this increased capability in digital technology, we have also seen a major increase in threats and computer security incidents against the nuclear security industry.

To defend against the ever-evolving threats, computer security requires integration into all aspects of nuclear security including:

  • Computer security strategy (legislation)
  • Regulation
  • organizational structures with rules and responsibilities
  • Computer security programmes
  • policy, and procedures
  • Operations, maintenance, and decommissioning
  • Response and recovery

This webinar series will aim to provide the applications of the IAEA Information and Computer Security guidance in each of the defined areas to aid Member States in establish a computer security regime to help defend against the ever-evolving threats of today.

To register for the NucSecCyber Webinar Series 3, please click the link "Webinar Series Registration", which will allow you to register for all webinars, and/or select the ones that you are interested in attending.

Once you are registered, you will receive a confirmation email, additional information and updates for the scheduled event. If you need any assistance or have questions, just sent an email to:

NucSecCyber Webinars Outline:

  • Starting:  14:00 Vienna time (UTC+01:00)
  • Welcome and Topic Introduction: 3 min
  • Topic Presentation: 45 min
  • Questions and Answers:  10 min
  • Closing: 2 min
  • Extra Questions and Answers Session:  20 min

 The NucSecCyber Webinar Series 3 (2021) is scheduled according to the agenda below:

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