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10 September 2020 Webinar on NSSC

The objectives of the webinar are:

  • To raise awareness on the new IAEA publication TDL-010, and 
  • To highlight the Agency's support for and to share States’ experience with implementing a systematic approach to establishing and operating an NSSC.

Target audience primarily consists of Members of the International Network for Nuclear Security Training and Support Centres (NSSC Network or other organizations and national authorities with responsibilities related to sustaining the nuclear security regime. The webinar is open to officials and nuclear security professionals from the above-mentioned organizations in Member States.

21 July 2020 Webinar on INSServ

The purpose of the Webinar is to raise awareness on how INSServ programme will assist Member States in maintaining and strengthening their nuclear security regime related to nuclear and other radioactive material out of regulatory control based on the INSServ Guidelines, IAEA Service Series No. 39, published in May 2019.