This course provides the basics on the Logical Framework Approach (LFA), the method adopted by the IAEA Technical Cooperation Programme to achieve high quality project standards. This course is strongly recommended for all persons involved in any aspect of TC Projects, from planning, implementation and monitoring and evaluation, primarily National Liaison Officers, project counterparts and IAEA staff. The LFA incorporates a set of analytical steps and team work processes that guide you through answering the key questions in designing a TC project. In this course you will learn about the concepts underlying the Logical Framework approach and the main steps in the application of this method in the IAEA Technical Cooperation context.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

•       Better understand the Logical Framework Approach (LFA), its purpose and benefits

•       Understand the LFA steps and terminology

•       Locate the material on project design and implementation already available on the IAEA IT platforms