Welcome to Safe Transport of Radioactive Material.


1. The second part of the course is now available!

2. A new resource, the Transport Safety Library, is also available now!

This e-learning covers the safe transport of radioactive materials in a comprehensive manner. It is designed to provide training for regulators, operators and anyone interested in the regulatory requirements for the safe transport of radioactive material by sea, air, and land modes  of transport.

Throughout this e-learning, the participants are expected to:

1. Improve their understanding of the international and national regulatory frameworks and responsibilities for  the safe transport of radioactive material

2. Appreciate the importance of radiation protection and its application to transport safety.

3. Become familiar with the contents of the IAEA transport safety regulations SSR-6 and accompanying safety guides

4. Recognise the central requirements established by the regulations.

5. Understand the concept of a safe transport "package", the graded approach to package types and how radioactive material is classified for transport.

The estimated time for completion of modules 1 to 4 is 10-20 hours. After completing the e-learning, participants can take an assessment to receive a certificate of completion. This e-learning is provided in English. Modules 5-9, which will be made available to regulators and module 10 (additional topics) will be added to the platform later in 2019.