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eLearning on Safety of Uranium Mining and Milling

Protection from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation is one important element to consider in any remediation project.

These lectures are intended to refresh the basic concepts related with ionizing radiation and the protection against its harmful effects.

In conceiving these lectures it was assumed that the student of the course have a basic to medium knowledge on the topics of the lecture.

Course includes following Modules:

1. Practical Intervention Techniques to Reduce Public Doses at Uranium Mining and Milling Legacy Sites:

a) Basic Concepts of Radiation Protection and Overview of Existing Exposure Situations

b) Introduction of Concepts and Principles Related to Uranium Legacy Sites.

2. Regulatory Review of Remediation Plans for Legacy Sites Associated with the Mining and Processing of Uranium Ore:

c) Concepts of Environmental Assessment, Remediation and Completion Activities for Uranium Legacy Sites

IAEA International Virtual School on Drafting Safety Regulations

The IAEA International Virtual School on Drafting Safety Regulations is for Regulatory Body professionals to develop/revise national regulations/provisions and enhance their regulation’s drafting potential.

From a broader perspective, Member States could benefit in their capacity building endeavours.  Global safety could also be enhanced, particularly with School Offerings’ participants receiving insights from peers in Member States and applying them promptly or in the future. The IAEA International Virtual School on Drafting Safety Regulations is focused on the development of regulatory provisions/regulations.

Purpose of the course:

The prime objectives of any offering of IAEA International Virtual School on Drafting Safety Regulations include:

  • to support IAEA Member States in drafting/revising national regulations/provisions for radiation, transport, radioactive waste safety, emergency preparedness & response,  and nuclear safety and in developing their regulation’s drafting potential; and

to ensure national regulations take into account to the extent possible, relevant up to date international standards, requirements, guidance and best practices available.

Radiation Protection Basics

Developed by the IAEA's Division of Radiation, Transport and Waste Safety,

Topics include; Biology and Radiation Effects, Mathematics, Chemistry, Health Physics Fundamentals

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