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E-learning course on fruit fly trapping in support of SIT implementation in IAEA and FAO Member States

The course will provide users with a means to learn the basic principles and applications of fruit fly population sampling using trapping systems. It presents the different types of traps and lures and the species that respond to them. The strategic uses of trapping in area-wide fruit fly programmes are described including survey for detection, monitoring and delimitation. The different trap densities used depending on the programme objective (suppression, eradication, prevention) are presented. General procedures to deploy and operate a trapping network are also described.         

Dosimetry for SIT - Gafchromic® Film Dosimetry System for Gamma Radiation


Course on use of the Gafchromic® dosimetry system for confirming the dose of gamma radiation applied for the sterile insect technique (SIT). This course brings together in one place a description of the components of the Gafchromic® dosimetry system, the procedure for its characterization, and its application to process validation and process control, together with references to the relevant standards (ASTM 2015). It provides a readily available source of information that can be accessed by both research workers and production facility managers. Even though this dosimetry system can be used for various types of radiation, including electrons, the procedures described are limited to gamma radiation.

This course is provided free of charge and is meant for self-study. There are no pre-requirements for accessing the course. Accessing this resource only requires self-registering for this platform.

Food Irradiation - Technology, Applications and Good Practices

Food Irradiation e-learning


This course was produced as an output of the Technical Cooperation Project RAS 5057: “Implementing Best Practices of Food Irradiation for Sanitary and Phytosanitary Purposes”. It was designed for different types of audiences, ranging from members of the general public interested in scientific and technical information about the basics of the food irradiation process to academics, regulators, users of the process and operators of irradiation facilities who may use this course as training material. The number of lessons offered depends on the selected category. Taking all the lessons will prepare for compliance to international standards such as ISO 14470.

This course is provided free of charge and is meant for self-study. There are no pre-requirements for accessing the course. Accessing this resource only requires self-registering for this platform. The project strives to provide constant update and the addition of resources. 

Irradiacion de alimentos - Tecnologia, Applicaciones y Buenas practicas - Spanish

Food Irradiation e-learning


Este curso fue elaborado como resultado del Proyecto de Cooperación Técnica RAS 5057: “Implementación de buenas practicas en la irradiación de alimentos para propósitos sanitarios y fitosanitarios.” Fue diseñado para diferentes tipos de audiencias desde el público en general interesados en conocer las bases de la  información técnica y cientifica del proceso de irradiación en alimentos hasta académicos, oficiales de regulaciones, usuarios del proceso, y operadores de las instalaciones de irradiación y que podrán usar este curso, como un material de entrenamiento. El número de lecciones que se ofrecen depende de la categoria seleccionada. Tomando todas las lecciones la persona estará preparada para el cumplimiento de las normas internacionales como ISO 14470.

Este curso se ofrece sin costo y es de auto estudio. No hay ningún pre- requisito para acceder al curso. El único requisito es auto registrarse en esta plataforma. El proyecto constantemente se está actualizando y adicionando nuevos recursos.  

Training course on Packing, Shipping, Holding and Release of Sterile Flies in Area-wide Fruit Fly Control Programmes

The course presents the procedures required to ensure that released sterile fruit flies be of the best possible quality and that the sterile fly release densities are adequate to the needs of area-wide SIT programmes. This course is aimed at facilitating the transfer of harmonized and state of the art technology to FAO and IAEA Member States that want to embark on area-wide action programmes that use SIT. The course covers the post-production phase of SIT application including the following topics: Packing, transportation, long distance shipment, handling, emergence and holding at release centre, preparation of adults for release, aerial sterile fly release, ground sterile fly release, sterile fly release densities, GPS-GIS support to sterile release programmes, interpretation of sterile fly recapture, design of fruit fly packing, holding, chilling and release centre. The course will be organized in modules by specific topics and will include a module for evaluating students proficiency.