The Applied Sciences of Oncology (ASO) distance-learning course

The ASO is a distance-learning course which provides the learner with an introduction to the applied sciences of oncology. It is not intended to replace textbooks. It is designed to supplement textbooks with practical information and examples, and to give an overview of knowledge not easily gained from any one textbook.

The course will help students prepare for Part I (theory) specialist or board examinations. It has been produced for the IAEA to provide cancer education for doctors and other radiotherapy professionals in countries where there is little currently available. The course covers eight subject areas: [1] Communication, [2] Critical appraisal, [3] Functional anatomy, [4] Molecular biology, pathology and pathogenesis, [5] General patient care, [6] The physics of radiation technology, [7] Radiation biology, and [8] Systemic therapy for cancer. Within each subject there are a number of individual modules that should each take about one hour to complete. The materials include interactive text and illustrations that require students to answer questions before they can progress.

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