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Fundamentals and Application of Plasma Physics including Fusion Plasmas: ICTP-IAEA College on Plasma Physics for Fusion Applications

This e-learning book is based on the lectures given at the Joint ICTP-IAEA College on Plasma Physics.

The main goal of the college has been to familiarize and train advanced students and young researchers in recent developments and advances in experiments, theory, modelling, and numerical computation. This course aims at readers with a degree in physics (or equivalent, e.g. astrophysics, mathematics, engineering), willing to learn plasma physics for reasons such as pursuing a master or PhD on fascinating applications such as fusion or astrophysics, to grasp the various approaches to the numerical modelling of plasmas, or to learn about technological applications of plasmas. Also, for PhD students and young researchers already working on some of the various branches of plasma physics, will get a comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of plasma physics as a whole. It is strongly recommended for student who are going to attend the Joint ICTP-IAEA College on Plasma Physics.

Nuclear Fusion and ITER Science and Technology

This e-course, based on the 'ITER Talks' series, features lectures on the science and technology of ITER and fusion research, recorded by experts that are working on the ITER project. The lectures span the science, technology, engineering, and project management challenges and other aspects of this complex endeavour.