In field Verification

IAEA safeguards inspectors receive instruction on what to observe while in the field.

Through a set of technical measures, or Safeguards, the IAEA verifies that States are honouring their
international legal obligations to use nuclear material and technology only for peaceful purposes.
Its independent verification work allows the IAEA to play an indispensable role in preventing the spread of
nuclear weapons.
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How to use the FLIR identiFINDER 2 for Safeguards Verification

Course Objective:

What is a FLIR identiFINDER 2?
Enter this module to find out more about the technology IAEA inspectors use to detect and identify radioactive and nuclear material. 

First released in January 2022, updated videos with French and Russian subtitles in June 2022 and Spanish since August 2022. All videos also offer transcripts for download in the respective language.


These short videos are addressed at anyone interested to find out more about the technology behind safeguards.

Duration: 30 mins / Level: Basic / Interactivity: Self-Study / Languages: English, French, Russian, Spanish / Certificate: no Certificate available

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