Safeguards: Preventing the Spread of Nuclear Weapons

One of the central roles of the IAEA is to help global efforts to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons. The IAEA Department of Safeguards is tasked to verify the fulfilment of States' obligation not to develop, manufacture, or otherwise acquire nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices. In this way, the IAEA contributes to the maintenance and strengthening of international confidence in the use of nuclear material and technology, and therefore constitutes an essential component of the international security system.


IAEA Safeguards: An Introduction | IAEA (Publication)

The Evolution of IAEA Safeguards | IAEA (Publication) 


Basic Training Course on IAEA Safeguards

Course Objective:

The objective of this online training course is to provide you with a basic understanding of IAEA Safeguards  and give you an overview of the resources that are available for States to strengthen the safeguards implementation in their countries. 

First released in September 2020.


This basic training course is addressed to all individuals that are involved in the implementation of Safeguards in their country.

Duration: ~3h / Interactivity: Self-Study / Languages: English / Certificate: Completion Certificate / Level: Basic




What is the Nuclear Fuel Cycle?

Safeguards Microlearning series:

The nuclear fuel cycle is essential in understanding nuclear safeguards. 
Watch an IAEA explainer video and read the IAEA brochure on the fuel cycle to get an introduction to the topic.

Duration: ~10 mins / Interactivity: Self-Study / Languages: English / Certificate: no certificate available / Level: Basic

safeguards training


What is a SSAC?

Safeguards Microlearning series:

What is an SSAC and how do I do it? 

Duration: ~5 mins / Interactivity: Self-Study / Languages: English / Certificate: no certificate available / Level: Basics

safeguards online training


What is an SRA?

Safeguards Microlearning Series:

Who is a SRA and what do they do?

Duration: ~5 mins / Interactivity: Self-Study / Languages: English / Certificate: no certificate available / Level: Basic