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Webinar 1: Developing a National Framework for Managing the Response to Nuclear Security Events - Challenges and Opportunities for States

The IAEA Nuclear Security Series No. 37-G, Implementing Guide on Developing a National Framework for Managing the Response to Nuclear Security Events, was published in December 2019.
This publication provides guidance to States on the development, implementation, and maintenance of a national framework for managing the response to nuclear security events. A national framework for managing the response to nuclear security events creates a structure and set of principles around which a State can frame its nuclear security response, addressing the interfaces which need to exist between responding agencies to ensure an effective, coordinated response. The Implementing Guide outlines relevant key issues which States should consider when developing, implementing and sustaining their national framework for responding to nuclear security events.

Webinar 2: Nuclear Security Series Nuclear Security Series No. 22-G - A perspective from France and Germany

The purpose of the webinar is to highlight the challenges and opportunities that States face when developing their national programmes for radiological crime scene management. This webinar will explore the perspectives of two Member States which are now in the advanced stages of developing their programmes – France and Germany. The French perspective will be presented by a law enforcement professional, who will speak about the country’s current capacity in the field and the related challenges. The German perspective will be presented with a scientific focus, by a radiation protection professional.

Webinar 3: Investigative Perspectives of Nuclear Forensics in Responding to a Nuclear Security Event

This webinar includes a narrated interactive session where participants will observe an evolving nuclear security event, in which law enforcement responds to a report that radioactive material may have been smuggled into a residential area of the fictitious city of Rudas Cove. As the scenario develops, participants can actively engage in the narrated investigation through anonymous virtual participation tools, in order to learn about how elements of radiological crime scene management and nuclear forensics can assist law enforcement investigations by revealing potential links among the people, places, events and materials in question.

Webinar 4: Nuclear Forensics Experts’ Support to Radiological Crime Scene Management: The Prosecutor's Perspective

Nuclear forensics and radiological crime scene management play a crucial role in nuclear security regimes, not only as part of the response to illicit acts, but also as a preventive measure that can help to discourage further such acts. The interaction and interconnection between nuclear forensics and radiological crime scene management is a hot topic that needs to be covered thoroughly and from various perspectives.

The webinar will focus on the prosecutor's perspective of this interaction.

Webinar 6: IAEA Nuclear Security Series No. 2-G: Implementing Guide on Nuclear Forensics in Support of Investigations (Spanish)

The objectives of this webinar are to introduce an overview of the publication NSS No. 2-G, Implementing Guide Nuclear Forensics in Support of Investigations; Enhance participants’ awareness and understanding of the scope and application of nuclear forensics and its respective role in the context of a nuclear security event involving nuclear and other radioactive material found out of regulatory control; and Raise awareness on the IAEA program of assistance for nuclear forensics capacity building.