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Webinar 1: NSS No. 22-G Implementing Guide on Radiological Crime Scene Management

The IAEA Nuclear Security Series (NSS) No. 22-G, Implementing Guide on Radiological Crime Scene Management, published in 2014, presents guidance on the safe, secure, effective and efficient operations at a crime scene where nuclear and other radioactive material are known or suspected to be present.

The guidance covers assessment, confirmation, identification and mitigation of hazards as well as exploitation of a radiological crime scene. In particular, NSS No. 22-G highlights that detection systems and measures should be based on a risk informed approach and addresses situations in which the material originates from both within and outside the State. This publication increased awareness surrounding procedures for notification of relevant agencies, coordination for dealing with the radioactive material as evidence and other difficulties associated with the respective nuclear security event, as well as developing plans for the same.

Webinar 2: NSS No. 18 Implementing Guide on Nuclear Security Systems and Measures for Major Public Events

The objectives of the webinar are:

  • To introduce an overview of the nuclear security preliminary considerations for MPEs in accordance with Section 2 of the IAEA Nuclear Security Series No. 18: Implementing Guide “Nuclear Security Systems and Measures for Major Public Events” and practical experience in implementing these preliminary considerations.  
  • To discuss the challenges and opportunities in developing, implementing, and sustaining nuclear security measures for MPEs;
  • To raise awareness on the IAEA support to its Member States in the area of MPE nuclear security.

 This webinar would be of interest for those working at national policy, strategic and planning or decision-making level, senior level nuclear regulators, command level representatives of law enforcement agencies and/or military, and other organizations involved in the national nuclear security regime. The webinar is open to officials and nuclear security professionals from the above-mentioned organizations in Member States.

Webinar 4: Nuclear Security Series Nuclear Security Series No. 37-G

The IAEA Nuclear Security Series No. 37-G, Implementing Guide on Developing a National Framework for Managing the Response to Nuclear Security Events, was published in December 2019. This publication provides guidance to States on the development, implementation, and maintenance of a national framework for managing the response to nuclear security events. A national framework for managing the response to nuclear security events creates a structure and set of principles around which a State can frame its nuclear security response, addressing the interfaces which need to exist between responding agencies to ensure an effective, coordinated response. The Implementing Guide outlines relevant key issues which States should consider when developing, implementing and sustaining their national framework for responding to nuclear security events.

Webinar 3: NSS No. 2-G (Rev. 1) Implementing Guide on Nuclear Forensics in Support of Investigations

The IAEA webinar on the NSS guidance document 2-G (Rev. 1) is scheduled to take place at 14:00–15:00 (CEST) on 20 October 2020. It will be the IAEA’s first virtual event focused specifically on nuclear forensics. It will be hosted by Éva Kovacs-Széles (Center for Energy Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences) and Henrik Horne (IAEA Division of Nuclear Security). After introducing the audience to the IAEA guidance on nuclear forensics contained in NSS 2-G (Rev.1), and the scope and application of the publication, it will discuss the role of nuclear forensics in supporting investigation of a nuclear security event within the national nuclear security infrastructure. Based on her own experience, KovacsSzéles will discuss the intertwined nature of nuclear forensics and radiological crime scene management, and some of the challenges in implementing nuclear forensics capabilities in member states. Figure 1 shows a demonstration of an initial hazard survey at a simulated radiological crime scene, as demonstrated by the Hungarian team of nuclear forensics professionals led by Éva Kovacs-Széles at the IAEA’s International Conference on Nuclear Security (ICONS 2020) in February 2020. Henrik Horne will outline the IAEA’s programme of assistance on nuclear forensics and how the Agency works to raise awareness and build capacity in member states.