International Virtual School of Drafting Regulations on Transport Safety

Welcome to the School of Drafting Regulations on Transport Safety:

The Transport Safety Drafting School is based on the safety requirements set out in SSR-6 (Rev.1) 2018 Edition which are adopted by the UN Model Regulations and subsequently by the IMDG Code for transport of radioactive material by sea and ICAO Technical Instructions for the transport of radioactive material by air. These two regulations are applicable in all Member States. But there are no global transport regulations for transport on land; there are regional agreements such as the ADR agreement for road, the RID regulations for rail and the ADN agreement for inland waterway, which are mandatory for all States of the European Union and a few States trading with EU. Other States have to implement their own land transport regulations using SSR-6 requirements.

Transport Safety regulations in Member States do not exist in isolation and it is assumed regulatory and legal requirements exist in other areas such as import/export controls for radioactive material, authorisation to own radioactive material, radiation protection criteria and requirements, national emergency preparedness and response, waste management, storage and decommissioning, and medical activities involving radioactive material. It is recognised that interfaces between transport safety regulations and regulations pertaining to other safety areas do exist.

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