International Virtual School of Drafting Regulations on Radiation Safety

Welcome to the School of Drafting Regulations on Radiation Safety:

The Radiation Safety programme of the School aims to assist participants in drafting national regulations with provisions for radiation safety consistent with relevant safety requirements of the following IAEA Safety Standards:

  • Legal, Governmental and Regulatory Framework for Safety (GSR Part 1 (Rev.1));
  • Radiation Protection and Safety of Radiation Sources for Safety (GSR Part 3);
  • General Safety Requirements on Safety Assessment for Facilities and Activities (GSR Part 4).

The Radiation Safety programme of the School follows the 4-segment methodology of the International School of Drafting Safety Regulations. You can learn about the methodology by watching this video. The programme provides for in depth analyses and discussions regarding the above-mentioned IAEA Safety Standards towards producing provisions consistent with these standards to be established in the legislation of the participants’ countries. Before starting to draft regulations, participants should get prepared by familiarizing themselves with their national legal system and practice. It is also recommended to perform a gap analysis in the existing national legislation against relevant IAEA Safety Standards. Participants can learn more information about the in-country preparation for the Radiation Safety programme - segment 1 of the School - in this page of the Global Nuclear Safety and Security Network electronic platform.

The learning material of the Radiation Safety programme comprises detailed background information about the process of drafting regulations  (General Module) - segment 2 of the School - and comprehensive technical information (Thematic Module) to be used by participants and lecturers during the two-week in-person workshop (Thematic Module), segment 3 of the School. The material of this Thematic Module covers all exposure situations and categories and it is applicable to all facilities and activities.

The learning material  of the Radiation Safety programme of the School has been arranged in the form of two online training courses, which are open to all interested individuals with a Nucleus account. These two training courses can be accessed by clicking in the corresponding link (see below). Both include at the end of the learning material a quiz with a set of questions to check participants’ learning. Individuals who have correctly replied 80% the questions of the quiz will receive a diploma acknowledging the completion of the corresponding training.

Officially nominated participants of the School will have to use the enrolment key provided by the school organizers for them to monitor the completion of the online course by the registered participants.

Enjoy the training courses and good luck with the quiz!

The Peaceful Uses Initiative project International Virtual School of Drafting Safety Regulations has supported the construction of this virtual platform.

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