Welcome to the School of Drafting Regulations on Nuclear Safety:

This course is an introduction for the School on Drafting Nuclear Safety Regulations. States which are either considering the introduction of nuclear power or expanding an existing nuclear power programme need to apply the IAEA Safety Standards for the development of a sustainable safety infrastructure. Regulations that are in line with the safety standards allow regulatory bodies to fulfil their oversight role effectively.

This course will help prepare participants for the School on Drafting Nuclear Safety Regulations. This workshop aims to improve the knowledge and the skills of the participating regulatory staff members in the drafting of new regulations and/or revision of their countries’ national safety regulations. Participants will learn how to draft regulations with reference to the IAEA safety standards which express an international consensus and are neutral towards different vendors. Participants are expected to be familiar with the detailed process of preparation of regulations related to nuclear safety of nuclear power plants coherently with the development of safety infrastructure for a nuclear power programme and the workshop will enhance their capabilities.

The learning material of this online course will allow the participant to familiarize themselves with the relevant IAEA documentation. It is comprised of and introduces some of the main concepts such as Defence in Depth, Safety Assessments, and the Licensing Process. It will also make them knowledgeable about who should be the responsible for the different aspects of nuclear safety. Officially nominated participants for the School on Drafting Nuclear Safety Regulations need to complete the online self-training course at least one month before participation in the workshop.

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