Welcome to the IAEA International Virtual School of Drafting Safety Regulations (VSDR) 

The International Virtual School of Drafting Safety Regulations (hereinafter stated as School) is aimed at assisting Member Sates with the drafting and revision of their countries’ national regulations on safety.  The Virtual School combines face-to-face sessions with the online learning to help experts worldwide build skills and competence in drafting safety regulations.

The School offers differentiated training programmes for each of the major safety areas:: 

  • Radiation Safety
  • Nuclear Safety
  • Waste Safety
  • Transport Safety 
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Combined Safety and Security

The courses provide professional guidance and include drafting sessions facilitated by experts, peer discussions and practical exercises to prepare participants for developing and implementing regulations in their countries. At the end of the School, participants are expected to have gained sufficient knowledge and expertise to enable them to ensure regulations are properly framed in the future, always within national legislative framework and in line with international safety standards and best practices.

International Virtual School of Drafting Safety Regulations is funded through Peaceful Uses Initiative project. 

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