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Knowledge Management Orientation Course


Knowledge – that vital resource for human development and survival – needs to be managed carefully. This is particularly true for such a complex area as nuclear technology, which involves virtually every discipline of physical science and engineering.

Nuclear knowledge is unique in many ways: it is complex, involving high development costs, often requiring significant governmental support. It must be developed and retained over long time frames, and special constraints exist due to the dual (peaceful and non-peaceful) nature of nuclear technologies. Certainly, managing nuclear knowledge is difficult.

This e-learning module provides an introduction to Nuclear Knowledge Management or NKM. This course has been developed to give learners an understanding of what knowledge management actually means in a nuclear context and how KM tools and techniques can help bring real business benefit to all types of nuclear organization. 

NEW! | Duration: 1 h | Interactivity: Self-study | Language: English | Contact: NKM.Contact-Point@iaea.org