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Ion-beam Engineering of Materials for Quantum Technologies

Blue quantum lattice

New quantum technologies could open the door to transformational advances in secure communications, information technology and high precision sensors and provide new solutions to pressing challenges in fields such as medicine, industry, and security, shaping global development in the 21st century. 

Accelerator-based techniques involve high-energy ions that allow us to create atomic-scale modifications, or defects, in materials such as silicon and diamond, or two-dimensional materials, such as graphene. It is then possible to control the quantum states of these individual atomic-scale defects in the materials, which in turn gives us the capability to control single atoms, including the spin of electrons or nuclei. The result is new materials with the characteristics necessary for advancing quantum technology.

The purpose of this e-learning course it to provide an overview and knowledge on fundamentals of materials engineering for quantum science with ion beams.

This tool is an output of the IAEA Coordinated Research Project F11020 “Ion beam induced spatio-temporal structural evolution of materials: Accelerators for a new technology era”.

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