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Strategic Planning for National Nuclear Institutions

Sustainable utilizationA Strategic Plan is an indispensable document for a national nuclear institution. It is used to define what constitutes efficient, optimized and well managed facilities, as well as the activities necessary to fulfil the institution’s mission. A Strategic Plan contributes to institutional self-reliance and sustainability.

This e-learning course is closely related to the publication IAEA Nuclear Energy Series No. NG-T-3.16, Strategic Planning for Research Reactors (2017) which provides guidelines and methodologies for the development of a Strategic Plan for the efficient and sustainable utilization of an existing or planned research reactor facility. The concept has been extended to be applicable to other facilities such as accelerators facilities for research or radioisotope production, gamma irradiation facilities and analytical laboratories. The course aims to help such institutions find answers to the questions ‘what can I do now’ and ‘what should I do now’.

By taking the entire course the learner will gain an understanding and practical approach on the steps required to develop and implement a SP for a specific facility or the entire NNI within the scientific and socioeconomic context.

The course was developed with support of a regional IAEA technical cooperation project RAS0080 ‘Promoting Self-Reliance and Sustainability of National Nuclear Institutions’.

For additional information contact - please mention the IAEA NNI Strategic Planning elearning.