To provide a wide range of stakeholders (including those in charge of project planning, management and implementation, members of regulatory organizations and other participants with technical background who might be interested in decommissioning and environmental remediation related issues0) with a comprehensive understanding of the key elements that need to be integrated in the planning and implementation of Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation Projects. In line with the overall objectives of TC Project INT 9183 the training course will present those aspects that can constrain or delay project implementation and discuss potential mechanisms that can assist in overcoming these barriers e.g. regulatory and policy aspects; technology; human/financial resources and societal aspects.

This web-based course is developed to support the TC-INT9182 Training course on siting of pre-disposal and disposal facilities.

The first part is intended as a pre-training activity to be taken by the participants prior the face-to-face training course. It consists of three eLearning lectures on sealed radioactive sources, addressing topics that are relevant and provide good introduction to the face-to-face discussions. The first two lectures are talking about management of sealed radioactive sources (SRS) when they become disused and the third lecture is introducing the concept of the borehole disposal (BDC) for disused sealed radioactive sources (DSRS).

Second part of this web-based course, also consisting of three lectures, is designed and intended as an activity to be conducted during the face-to-face training.