The E-Learning in Nuclear Medicine was developed by the Asian School of Nuclear Medicine (ASNM) through the TC regional project, RAS/0/047 to respond to the need for continuing education of physicians, technologists and other allied professionals working in Nuclear Medicine. ASNM is the collaborating member of the Asian Network for Education in Nuclear Technology (ANENT) and is involved in some educational activities of the IAEA.

Ten various cases on different types of organ-system were collected from nine member countries (Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Thailand). About 100 cases covered the following organ-systems:

Oncology, Cardiology, Neurology, Gastroenterology/Hepatobiliary, Pulmonary, Endocrinology, Pediatrics, Nephrology/Urology, Infection, Muskulo-skeletal, Ophthalmology.

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