Nuclear Safety category

This course provides practical guidance for Public Information Officers (PIOs) on how to prepare for and respond to nuclear or radiological emergencies.  The course supports the IAEA’s Emergency Preparedness and Response series publication 'Communication with the Public in a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency'.

Through a series of modules, PIOs are taught how to coordinate sources of official public information to ensure a consistent message is being provided to the public before, during and after an emergency. The modules use lessons learned from past emergencies, simulated scenarios and exercises, as well as expert tips, to highlight best practices for emergency communication. PIOs are furnished with the tools required to deliver effective emergency communication for protection of the public.


This self-tutorial provides insight into the IAEA Operational Safety Review Service OSART. It describes primary objectives of the service, as well as all necessary components to request and prepare for the IAEA review. The e-learning module provides all necessary preliminary information for NPPs and NPP operating organizations to get familiar with the scope of expected work, if OSART is requested. The module briefly describes OSART history and consolidated tendencies based on the findings from the missions conducted by 2015. There are no pre-requirements for accessing the module.

Module details: v.2, ENG, 1 h 20 minIAEA, 01/2015, personal use only, Operational Safety - Contact Point