Objective of the Training

The objective of this training course is to provide comprehensive understanding of emergency preparedness and response (EPR) to nuclear and radiological emergencies, including international framework. It is expected that with the knowledge acquired participants of the course will be able to facilitate effective implementation and coordination of emergency preparedness and response arrangements in their own countries by providing guidance and advice to relevant organizations.


The target audience is professionals from organizations responsible and accountable at the management and coordination levels for emergency preparedness and response in all Member States. The course provides comprehensive knowledge of the necessary emergency preparedness and response requirements to assess and improve radiation emergency preparedness systems based on IAEA safety standards on emergency preparedness and response and technical tools, such as EPR series publications, technical documents, accident reports and associated training materials.


The full version of the course is designed to last 3 weeks. It has modular structure to present the content comprehensively in an organized way. The modules present significant elements of emergency preparedness and response systems. Each module is divided into units that address technical details of the specific subjects (see Figure 1).  The course uses a combination of lectures, working sessions, table top exercises, field exercises, and plenary discussions to meet its objectives.